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Heavens Garden

Tribute song “Heaven’s Garden, voted the worlds most popular mothers song was wrote Paul at just 14 yrs of age. Many years later Paul rewrote “Heavens Garden” with childhood friend Kieran, to bring comfort to their friend who lost her beloved mom. This very special mothers song has since gone on to touch hearts throughout the world, bringing comfort and healing to all who hear it. 

Mothers Tribute Song

First of all Heavens Garden heals the soul, a beautiful mothers tribute song for honoring and remembering your mom. Such a mothers song can help us cope with grief and loss when it seems like nothing else helps. The sincere, thoughtful words and beautiful music capture the eternal love and devotion between moms and their children. This beautiful mothers tribute song is a touching representation of the unconditional love we have for our mothers. It especially reminds us of the wonderful precious time we have spent together and all of those precious “memories made of gold” 

Comforting and Healing

A mother’s death is maybe the most painful experiences any of us will face in life. There are times when our words fail us and the only way to express our feelings is through music. Many people simply listen to “Heaven’s Garden” in times of reflection and to make a spiritual connection with their departed mother. Many people also like to listen to “Heavens garden” during those moments just to receive some comfort and healing, to express their feelings and to say goodbye. Furthermore “Heaven’s Garden” has also become hugely popular throughout the world as a mothers funeral song. While it is also a popular song at memorial services reaching out across all faiths and religions.  

Some people like to include the lyrics in the funeral program, on a memorial card or obituary. You might also like to use a verse/verses for a permanent reminder such as a headstone epitaph. The ‘Heaven’s Garden’ sheet music/lyrics and original backing track are also available to download for your loved ones funeral or memorial service in our shop

Most of all “Heavens Garden” is one of the most beautiful song’s you will ever hear. This very special song is guaranteed to deeply touch anybody who hears it. 

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We hope it brings you peace, love, healing and hope”  

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