kieran-paulA mother’s death is one of the most painful experiences any of us will ever face in life. There are times when our words fail us and the only way to express our feelings is through a song. Sometimes a song can help us heal and to cope with the pain we feel over the untimely death of a loved one, ‘Heaven’s Garden’ is one such song.

It was first written by Paul at just 14 yrs of age after tragically losing his parent. Many years later Paul rewrote Heaven’s Garden with childhood friend Kieran to comfort a family friend grieving the loss of her beloved mother. Kieran’s heartfelt performance of Heaven’s Garden has since been played and performed throughout the world bringing hope, comfort and healing to those who have lost a loved one. 

Many simply listen to Heaven’s Garden in times of reflection and during those moments when only comfort is needed. It is no surprise that Heaven’s Garden has also become hugely popular throughout the world as a funeral song and as a song at memorial services reaching out across all faiths and religions. The lyrics can also be included in the funeral program, obituary, or engraved on a headstone or other permanent memorial. 

It is one of the most beautiful song’s you will ever hear and no matter how how you use Heaven’s Garden, you can be sure that whoever hears this very special song will always remember it.


The ‘Heaven’s Garden’ MP3 is now available to buy here for just $0.99

The ‘Heaven’s Garden’ sheet music and lyrics are available to download FREE for your loved ones funeral or memorial service. There is no charge and no obligation. However, it does take lots of money and time to make our music and to keep this site online and updated so please keep us in your prayers and SHARE this special song with your friends and family on social media.

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“When someone we love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure forever”


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